Recovering From Varicose Vein Treatment


There are a few different types of treatments available to treat varicose veins. Some of them include sclerotherapy, venaseal, phlebectomy, and EVLT. Some of these treatments are better than others when it comes to the amount of time that it is going to take for you to recover from the procedure. However, they are not all the best fit for each patient.

When you go to the vein specialist to have your condition looked over they will be able to determine which treatment is going to be the best for your individual case. While some are more preferred than others, the doctor is going to choose the treatment that is going to be the most successful in treating your condition.


If the doctor is able to treat your varicose veins with one of the more non-invasive options, you will be able to recover much more quickly. For example, venaseal is a new treatment option that is available that allows the patient to return to normal activities directly following the procedure. This treatment uses glue to seal off the affected vein, just as the name suggests. Because the glue like substance works really quickly, it allows patients to go back to normal without having to give the veins time to heal.

Once the vein is treated, you should start to see results rather quickly. When a varicose vein is treated, the vein is closed off and the blood will be directed to a new channel. Depending on how severe the vein was, and how many, you will need to let your blood find new channels before you become very active. Again, your healthcare provider will be able to give your guidance based on your individual situation.


As medical treatments have gotten better, the need to use an invasive technique to handle varicose veins has greatly reduced. Many people would choose to live with their vein disorder because they did not want to have to go through the treatment due to the pain, and they definitely didn't want to have to deal with the recovery.

Very seldom are these techniques still used. However, your provider may suggest them for a certain reason. If they do, you should listen carefully and determine if it is till going to be a good decision for you. This type of treatment will take a bit longer to recover from.